Meet the Team: Leigh Dundore

Leigh Dundore

Leigh Dundore fondly remembers when she first began to take an interest in science. Having joined her husband, Khrysos Industries’ president, Dwayne Dundore, in the many seminars, tradeshows, and conferences where he spoke about indoor air quality testing, she recalls how the topic piqued her interest.

“It’s strange how I ended up in the career field working at a lab,” she looks back. “I owe a lot of what I am today to Dwayne [Dundore] because he was the one who got me started in the indoor air quality field.” 

In 1992, she reached out to a local community college in hopes of entering the scientific field. She wanted to work at a laboratory and became determined to learn all she could learn about microbiology.

Dundore soon realized, however, that the institution didn’t have any specific classes that would cater to education in her chosen field until a remarkable opportunity presented itself.

As luck would have it, the community college provided her with a professor who would oversee her schooling and prepare her for the field. Simultaneously, she began working at a laboratory and learned protocols for bacteria and mold, and staining techniques — all aimed at indoor air quality.

Her hard work led her to achieve her goal. INX Laboratories came to fruition in 1992, in Pennsylvania, although this would not be their final location. As Dundore ventured to Florida with her family in 1998, her laboratory evolved along the way with her.

“I was able to keep numerous customers happy, and I kept them for many years. And the reason was that if they ever had a problem, they knew that they could come to me because I was the one that worked with their sample,” she explained.

INX Laboratories began offering indoor air quality testing and soon after, in 2018, gained a new type of client. Today the company prides itself on becoming the leading provider of affordable and reliable hemp testing services, helping hemp growers and hemp businesses be compliant with state and federal regulations.  

Dundore also adds that the success of INX Laboratories is not hers alone. At the current location, a former church turned laboratory in Clermont, Florida; she leads a team of scientists and experts in phytochemistry, chemistry, and biomedical sciences, which offers quality analytical data with rapid turnaround time and tailored customer service.

“It takes a lot of hard work to have a good outcome or be successful,” Dundore admitted. She further explains that “walking into the lab, you never know what type of day you’re going to have.” Nonetheless, she comments: “We have gone through a lot of bad things that have happened here at the lab. I couldn’t have gone through it without having [the team]. I am very thankful to have the people I have here, helping me.” 

As part of the lab’s ongoing growth, INX Laboratories became part of Youngevity International, a leading omni-direct lifestyle company. It allowed unprecedented company capabilities for testing standards with hemp-derived products.

Looking back at how far she has come as a scientist and how her staff has shaped the way INX Laboratories operates today, Dundore concludes: “You have to take things lightly, and we’ll get through it. It’s because we’ve got such a great team.”

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