Meet the Team

Leigh Dundore
Leigh is president of INX Laboratories, a leading hemp laboratory that provides consistent and exceedingly accurate results, with roles in both independent and team laboratory research with applications in a variety of fields. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from LaSalle University and currently holds memberships and certifications in the American Society of Microbiology, American Industrial Hygiene Association, and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist.

As a hands-on chemist, Dundore quickly became known for her comprehensive knowledge of Microbiology, familiarity with various chemical and metallurgical methods, and managerial skills in laboratory activities. Thanks to her keen eye for detail, she successfully created and implemented a quality control program that addressed OOS issues, established a cost-effective in-house heavy metal testing program, and developed research programs for projects like citrus greening, oil extraction from algae, and bacteria soil regeneration.

Her extensive knowledge includes experience in purification, analysis, and characterization compounds, such as proteins, bacteria, drugs, fuels, and toxins, by gas chromatography, ICP, PF3D, PRC, and gel electrophoresis. Dundore is also proficient in MPN, Petri-film, food, oils, fuel, and environmental sample analysis by Multiplex-PCR for bacteria like E. coli, O157: H7, salmonella, listeria, staphylococcus, among others.

At INX Laboratories, Dundore leads a team of PhD.s, chemists, and hemp experts proficient in a wide range of scientific areas. The hemp laboratory is equipped with the latest hemp tech, such as Ultra High Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machines. It offers comprehensive and accurate testing for cannabinoid potency, terpenes, mycotoxins, residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.
June Shin
June Shin is the Vice President of INX Laboratories. Originally from South Korea, Shin earned a Ph.D. in Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy from Sungkyunkwan University. Before joining the INX Labs team, Shin developed the botanical drug Synatura, launched in 2011. Hailed as a blockbuster product, Synatura became the top-selling antitussive expectorant in Korea, with yearly sales of $30 million since its debut, and additional sales abroad.
At INX Laboratories, Shin is in charge of laboratory accreditations, including ISO/IEC 17025, and creating SOPs, conducting method validations for analytical procedures, and producing exceptional results. Her roles also include optimizing sample preparation methods for different products such as hemp oil, skin care products, coffee, and tinctures to provide accurate and reliable results. She also lends her expertise to Khrysos Industries, where she optimizes their manufacturing processes for distillate and isolate, extending their product lines with research and development.
Quinn Colburn
Quinn Colburn is an analytical chemist at INX Laboratories. Colburn earned a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of South Florida and a master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Alabama.
By leveraging his past experiences in the field, Colburn became gainfully employed in the hemp industry in his home state during the early years of legalization. While as a postgrad, he worked in a pre-clinical stem cell research in an academic lab for two years.
Since joining INX Laboratories, Colburn has been in charge of maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, and calibration of the laboratory’s analytical instruments. He also writes working protocols that pertain to the daily operations and data acquisitions, while also calculating the limits of detection and limits of quantitation of analytical instruments.
Additionally, Colburn keeps track of the hemp laboratory inventory, and quote acquisitions for laboratory services and equipment. Within the team, he consults and discusses any changes that must be implemented to the laboratory’s infrastructure to maintain all accreditations needed.
Aftab Khan Ph.D.
Dr. Aftab Khan graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, with a Ph.D. degree. Focused on life science research for over 20 years, he is an expert in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, and genomics.
He has published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, attended several international scientific conferences, and has trained and worked in major US research institutions such as Cornell University, Penn State University, Purdue University, and the University of Florida.
At INX Laboratories, Khan is involved in the analytical testing method development for cannabidiol products such as flowers, crude hemp oil, distillate, and isolate. He also has firsthand knowledge of the entire process of hemp-derived products from seed to white label and is routinely involved in developing turnkey solutions to meet customers’ needs.
Tara Casal
Tara Casal is the administrative assistant at INX Laboratories. She earned her associate’s degree in Building Construction Technology from Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.
Casal has twenty years of experience in customer service at a wide range of businesses. She prides herself on providing exceptional support, from which she has continually received glowing reviews from her customers over the years.
Along with her unbeatable customer care, Casal also has fifteen years of administration experience, which she puts to great use by assisting with the daily administration duties at INX Laboratories.
Tatiane Cardoso Dundore
Used to working in high-paced environments and multiple jobs simultaneously, Tatiane Cardoso Dundore is an accomplished employee and leader. From working high-end restaurants aboard renowned cruise ships to managing marketing efforts for one of the largest and rapidly-growing companies in the hemp-derived industry, she possesses a diverse leadership and problem-solving skill sets that have taught her to carry herself professionally.
Thanks to her wealth of experience handling many projects, such as marketing events at some of the largest conference centers in the United States, and her friendly personality, Cardoso Dundore will tackle the tasks at hand, while drawing people in and supporting her team move towards the company’s goals.
She has participated in a variety of programs, including the AIESEC Volunteer Project in Nigeria, the United States Embassy in Brazil, and was a finalist of the Youth Ambassador 2018.